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Roelofsen Parados Aluminium Planked Van

Brand new Roelofsen Horsebox with Cruise Control

The first right hand drive Parados to come to Ireland. 

Stallion partition on sliding rails


The standard Parados is equipped with:

  • Anodised aluminium profiles
  • Sandwich floorconstruction (rubber coating underlay)
  • Side ramp (right side) with low entrance and rubber lining and a top hatch
  • Door in the middle of the rear including half dropping window
  • Half dropping window on the left- and rightside, roof hatch and an electric roof fan for ventilation
  • Tie ring in the outside wall

Horse section

  • Shock protection on the inner walls up to 1.30 meter
  • Aluminium partition on a sliding system
  • Kick cushions mounted under the sliding system
  • Stainless steel brestbar with emergency unlocking mechnism
  • Sliding doors to close the storage space in top of the cabin
  • Safety bar with transparant PVC in the opening of the side ramp
  • LED lighting (day- and nightlight)
  • Stainless steel chains with panic locks
  • Indoor height 2.38 meter

Luxurious tackroom with

  • 4 Bridle racks
  • 2 Saddle racks
  • Jacket hook
  • Storage bins
  • Step
  • Mirror
  • Monitor with one camera in the horse section and one for reverse driving
  • Cushions on the wall and partition for more comfort
  • Stallion head partition, which can be turned


Price is plus VAT

Roelofsen Parados Aluminium Planked Van

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