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Starting 2023 off on the Right Rein With Roelofsen

JS Horsetrucks are cruising into 2023 with Irelands largest selection of brands in two horse transporters. In addition to building & maintaining horsevans at their workshop in Oldtown, Dublin - JS Horsetrucks are also the proud sales agents of Equita Horsetrucks, Carrosserie Ameline & are now adding Roelofsen Horsetrucks to the top of their range with a brand new Roelofsen Parados model due imminently. The Parados offers all the luxury you can expect of a Roelofsen with your safety & comfort in mind. The Aluminium Planking body & anodized interior means never having to worry about body rot or strength and is all the while functional & super stylish.

“There have been challenges in terms of material supply & chassis availability however we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel with regular deliveries of Renault Masters incoming, which is our preferred chassis time & time again” says John Scarff.

Having been in business for over 10 years JS Horsetrucks have built a 5 star reputation with their clients. “We try to satisfy as many customers as possible however the popularity of the vans has exploded in recent times. The convenience, low maintenance cost and fuel efficiency of 3.5 ton vans lends itself to busy Equestrians, Studs & race horse trainers, leaving them wondering how they ever managed without them” adds Lorna.

JS Horsetrucks are sponsoring the Ward Union Antler challenge on 5th February - a unique Cross Country Race across 30 natural hedges over 3.5km.

JS Horsetrucks Top Tips for Van Ownership This Winter:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly, know the PSI & always carry a can of Tyre Foam in the glove compartment for emergencies

  • Ensure optimal torque on towbar by having it checked by a professional

  • To keep the battery in good running order start the vehicle a few times a week when not in use

  • Know your numbers – Vehicle height, date of last/next service & CVRT

  • Get to know your van

  • Finally, keep on top of maintenance as it’s the best way to preserve the van for you or for future sale.

To join our list & order your van call Lorna on 087-6351556. Trade in’s welcome.

The Irish Field 26.01.2023.

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